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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carta Buena - Rincon Puerto Rico

Carta Buena

Picture Carta Buena in Rincon, PR serves  delicious Juices, Smoothies, Coffee & Snacks. We are not nutritionists, fitness gurus or a lifestyle brand. We don't sell cleanses or medicine. We just make delicious things that are also good for you.

Our goal is to source locally and organically. With your support, we will get there.

We use a hydraulic press to maximize the benefits of juicing. This pressing action doesn't heat or oxidize the produce. The result is a nutritionally packed, live juice that is loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals & other vital elements that tastes fresh and delicious.

We also offer a selection of healthy snacks and welcome your suggestions for other offerings...

Hours: 8am - 4pm 7 days per week
Click to see our menu in English or Spanish

Contact us at:(787) 679-2365

For more information on Rincon, Puerto Rico

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