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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vanessa Vargas Photography - Rincon Puerto Rico

Described as the romance photographer, Vanessa Vargas will capture your day with her unique and creative style, allowing you to enjoy your wedding day.  Her photo journalistic style allows her to capture intimate moments, emotions and every detail of your wedding from the moment you begin to get ready to the last dance.  She will tell the story of your wedding day , your love story.  Born and raise in Puerto Rico Vanessa Vargas began her photography career capturing  destination weddings in Cancun and the Riviera Maya in Mexico, upon her return to her native Puerto Rico she establish herself on the west side of the island making Rincon one of her favorites places to shoot.   While weddings are what she specializes in , she is also available for engagements , family portraits and boudoir photography.  Contact the studio for our portrait and wedding collections at
email :  
facebook :  
phone:  787 309 0057

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Your Dream Wedding at Maria's - Rincon Puerto Rico

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding that is romantic, unique and memorable? You must be dreaming of Maria’s.  

At Maria’s, there is enough room for your entire family and a spacious lawn for a party tent.Enjoy the 8 bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 indoor and 2 outdoor kitchens and private direct beach access.  

Make your Memories at Maria’s.

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Bonet Liquor Store & Mini Market - Rincon Puerto Rico

Bonet Liquor Store & Mini Market

Bonet liquor store rincon puerto rico
Bonet Liquor Store & Mini Market sells spirits and beer wholesale and retail. We carry a variety of wines and champagne.

Delivery service for businesses, private party and weddings is available.

We sell "LIMBER DE LICOR" (frozen liquor).

Monday-Saturday 8:30-7:30  -  Tueday Closed  -  Sunday 8:30-2:00
Address: road 115 k.m12.0 Bo.pueblo   -   Telephone:(787)823-3504

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Love That Rincon Glass - Rincon Puerto Rico

love that rincon glass rincon puerto rico Love That Rincon Glass

I grew up in one of the most beautiful beach towns in Puerto Rico. Being the second smallest town on the island, Rincon is filled with stunning sunsets and awesome ocean treasures.
I've been a sea glass collector since I was a kid. It is part of my lifestyle and has become a great passion.

Each gem has been beach combed from the shores of my hometown. Swarovsky accents and silver materials have been used to enhance their natural beauty. Each piece has been carefully crafted and made with 100% love! 

You can also see some of my work on display at Pearl Essence Toys and Treasures located in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Phone 516 - 670 - 6678

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SabaiTao - Rincon, Puerto Rico


sabaitao rincon puerto rico
We are service company located in Rincon, PR who just so happens to sell flip flops and beach accessories. Carrying top brands – Havaianas, Rainbow Sandals, Scott Hawaii, Bob Marley and more. We are the first and only full fledge flip flop store in Rincon. Presently located at The Rincon Town Plaza. We have centralized ourselves directly in position to beach locations and social activities for your convenience. We believe this is critical to our initial success and long-term growth. Come on in and experience a world of happy feet!

Our Hours: 11am - 5pm
Customer Support:
Customer Support: 787.452.3275
Location: 8 N. Calle Sol, Rincón Town Plaza,, Rincon PR 00677

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Monday, July 22, 2013

The/Uncharted/Studio - Rincon Puerto Rico


Rincon Puerto Rico the uncharted studio Established in 2005, The/Uncharted/Studio is an environmentally conscious silk screening house and retail store located in Rincon, Puerto Rico. We pride ourselves on developing unique products that are not only eco-minded but also comfortable and stylish. We are a creative warehouse with designs inspired by the ocean, both above and below the surface, and the beauty that surrounds it.   Our brick and mortar shop houses an array of local photography, one-of-a-kind artwork, handmade jewelry, film projects and more.

WHERE WE'RE AT:  The/Uncharted/Studio  -   6 Calle Sol  -   Rincon, Puerto Rico 00677
Located in downtown Rincon Town Plaza.   
Email us at:

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Surf, Play & Stay Rincon PR featured Business - The Lazy Parrot Inn & Mini Resort - Rincon Puerto Rico

Surf, Play & Stay Rincon PR featured Business
The Lazy Parrot Inn & Mini Resort - Rincon Puerto Rico

Welcome to The Lazy Parrot Inn & Mini Resort ..... more than a Hotel! Guest's are always surprised when they arrive at The Lazy Parrot Hotel and find our unique mix of quaint Caribbean Inn, hillside oasis, restaurants, poolside bar, gift shop, putt-putt, buffet breakfast and resort-style rooms, all available within their budget and located in the beautiful setting of Puntas Rincon Puerto Rico. 

Reservations 787-823-5654  Toll free (USA) 800-294-1752
Fax 787-823-0224  Email: lzparrot @

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Maria’s – Luxury Rental in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Maria’s – Luxury Rental in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Maria’s is a family owned exclusive waterfront villa on the gorgeous Maria’s Beach in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Maria and her son Ramon lived on the beach for over 50 years, becoming beloved residents of the town. Maria was a surrogate host of the 1968 World Surfing Championships that took place on Maria’s Beach. This “town of beautiful sunsets” (and lots more to see and do) and the villa built in Maria and Ramon’s memory is the perfect setting for large gatherings such as family reunions, weddings and more. Contact us about booking now!

Oceanfront living with private beach access awaits at Maria’s on Maria’s Beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Maria’s is the newest, most exclusive rental compound on the west coast, your gated, secured, private oasis with every amenity to make your vacation, wedding or retreat a magnificent memory. Imagine asking yourself, “Do I sit by the pool drinking a rum punch today or pack a rolling cooler and chair for the beach? Do I surf or sand?” Such decisions are yours at Maria’s.

Maria's is an 8 bedroom oceanfront villa, perfect for your large gathering (sleeps up to 16) ~ 6 full baths ~ two fully equipped kitchens ~ two dining tables for 12 ~ TVs and Bluetooth speakers for smart phones in master bedrooms and living rooms~ complimentary internet access ~ A/C and ceiling fans in every bedroom and living room ~ washer/dryers ~hot tub and full wet bar on both upper decks ~ ocean side spectacular private pool ~ gas grills on both patios ~ two of the bedrooms and bathrooms are on the ground floor, ideal for guests with limited mobility. Need just a 4-bedroom villa? Each side can be rented separately. Opening Summer '13.

Contact Island West Properties, 787-823-2323,

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Enjoy the fabulous beaches of Rincon Puerto Rico

 Enjoy the fabulous beaches of Rincon Puerto Rico
 Posted on Feb 7th, 2010 by • Updated on Oct 29th, 2011
Surfing at Domes Beach
One great thing about being on an island is that there are beaches all around! Everyone looks for something different in a beach — some like waves, some like white sand, some like calm blue water. Luckily there is a beach to meet everyone’s ideal beach.
Rincon is famous for its beaches, though mainly for the wild surf breaks that draw surfers from all around the world — primarily in the winter months. But one can also find some calmer waters and secluded stretches of sand. One thing you can get at most Rincon beaches is a great sunset view — that alone might be worth a visit!
Rincon Beaches Map
We went to Rincon in mid-October and explored some of the beaches. October is still low season, and the waves aren’t too large yet, so there weren’t many people around. The waves get really big in "winter" — December through March — and start getting smaller throughout the spring and summer.
We are not surfers, nor really beach people for that matter, but we like the look of a beach with lots of clean sand and small waves. From what we saw, most of Rincon beaches are pretty, but not always safe for swimming. But we did find a few beauties worth mentioning.

Some Beaches in Rincon

Our favorite beach for a large, unspoiled, sandy beach was Spanish Wall Beach. This beach is located north of the Rincon Lighthouse. It was a nice, clean beach with about 40-50 feet of sand to the waterline and all we saw was sand — it was a long, open beach. Waves were so-so — not really for swimming when we were there. When the waves pick up in the winter, I imagine this would be a good surfing beach.
Spanish Wall Beach
I enjoyed the walk from Domes Beach, and I also enjoyed finding shells and sea glass everywhere on the beach. When we went, we were alone for a while, then another couple showed up.
We walked from Domes Beach along a trail that starts right at the Domes fence and goes down along the top of the Spanish Wall. The trail was muddy in areas, but we had no problem walking it. It was maybe ½-mile walk.
I believe one may also be able to get there by going onto Pools Beach and turning left (west) and following a path to the next beach (over the rocks) , but I can’t guarantee it since we spoke to some people and they said that way is now closed.
Pools Beach
Speaking of Pools Beach, it looked like a nice beach, too, though much smaller in width. It appeared to be much more frequently visited since the water was calmer there when we went than at any other beach in the area. It looked like a nice swimming area — it seemed to have a very protected cove to the right, but there are no lifeguards, so be careful.
To get there, take Route 413, turn off at the road at the Puntas Bakery and follow the road to Pools Beach — it is the first beach as you come to the water at the curve. We parked on the street.
Sandy Beach
Heading north-east, Sandy Beach is the next beach after Pools Beach. Sandy Beach is usually an active beach, with a lot of lodging and restaurants in the area, but not in October when we went. It was deserted and beautiful.
It’s a nice wide beach, with lots of sand (thus the name!). But with all the condos, guesthouses and vacation rentals in the area, I bet this would be a real busy place during high season. I thought it had decent conditions for swimming, but one should check conditions before going in. There are a few parking lots as you drive along the road. At this point, the sunsets are to the far left, so it’s not the best beach for watching the sun set.
Domes Beach
Domes Beach is at the end of Road 4413, right by the old nuclear plant domes. I thought it looked like a decent beach for sun bathing if one stays to the left (western end) of the beach. Most of the surfing was happening on the far right and the sandy beach became much thinner as we went east. There is plenty of parking right there and lots of surfers, too.
We spent quite a while watching the surfers. I think this is a great place to watch the sunset too. I liked this beach, but we did see some "deals" going on among the surfer crowd, which made me a little nervous.
Maria's BeachMaria’s Beach is right at the point where Route 413 becomes Road 4413. There is a blue, whale-shaped sign with the name of the beach. It is a very small beach, kind of rocky. Lots of surfing in this area. We found it a nice to place to sit under an almond tree and watch the sunset and surfers. It’s a great spot for pictures of the sun setting with Desecheo Island in the picture. There is some parking right at the beach.
The house we rented was right by the Tres Palmas Reserve, so we checked out Steps Beach while we were there. Steps Beach gets its name from a set of old cement steps that is sitting at the waterline.
Steps Beach
There is good snorkeling about 500 yards to the left of the steps (when facing the water). But you need to find a day when the water was calm enough to snorkel to avoid being smashed into the coral.
Currently (8/11) there is a "Steps Quick Lunch" truck sign to indicate where to turn off Route 413 (at KM 1.7). There is some parking at the end of the street. The beach itself is thin, maybe 10-15 feet wide, and there is some natural debris on the sand (like the almonds from the shade trees along the edge). Pretty for pictures and/or watching the sunset and when the conditions are right, swimming and snorkeling.
If one continues south on Route 413 and turn along the waterfront, they’ll get to Playa Balneario. This is the "public beach" in Rincon, so it has facilities (it is the only beach we saw in Rincon with any facilities, actually).
Playa Balneario
There was some sandy beach to the right, but most of the balneario seems to be a waterfront park, with grass, picnic paveleons, children’s playset, food kiosks, restrooms and showers — all separated from the sand by a concrete wall.
Maybe it was the weather conditions (it had rained every night during the week we were in Rincon), but the beach had a lot of natural debris washed up on it — leaves, logs, seaweed, etc. It looked like a nice place to watch the sunset, but the wooden "bleachers", obviously put there for that reason, were in dire need of repair!
As we continued south, toward Corcega Beach, we found the beach was much the same — thin with some natural debris washed on shore. But this area had smaller waves, so we could comfortably swim there.
Corcega Beach
There are a number waterfront houses, hotels, resorts and restaurants along this stretch of beach and as you go farther south. Though, I bet if you search down side streets, you can find secluded stretches of sand.
I would recommend bringing beach chairs to enjoy the excellent sunset views from the beaches in this area. We brought our chairs and drinks, and sat at the water’s edge to watch the sunset — it was lovely. We didn’t see any signs for "named" beaches in this area, so we just turned onto some side streets to get to the water. Street parking in these neighborhoods is limited.

Wrap Up

These were just my impressions from the few days we have visited the area. I am sure that weather patterns and conditions make changes to these beaches at different times of the year — some for the better and some for the worse. There are miles of beaches to explore — we only just went to a few places. If you want, you can go and find your own favorite! Some of the beaches had great parking, some were marked. But, most of the time, the "named" beaches were not easy to find. And once you did find them, oftentimes there was no parking. If you’re open to exploring, I bet you will be rewarded with a beach of your dreams.

Use this map to locate places mentioned in this article. You can click on a placemark to view the GPS coordinates for that place.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Destination Wedding Dream Comes True - Rincon Puerto Rico

Dream Wedding in Rincon Puerto Rico

This story is one for the annals of Destination Weddings here in Rincon Puerto Rico history. I am sure you will enjoy the tale of two people who braved the elements of nature to be married in our little piece of paradise.

Last June I was contacted by Alison and her fiancé Andrew. They were from Long Island, N.Y. and were planning a small wedding at one of our local villas. They were only interested in a small casual affair because of a limited budget. Their main concern was to offer their guests good food. They also needed an officiant to perform the ceremony as they wanted to be legally married in Puerto Rico.
As the months went by they suggested that they might be interested in a photographer and someone to perform at the ceremony. By the time November arrive Alison was interested in a tropical tasting cake, salon services and floral arrangements.
In January I had advised Alison and Andre that there was no chance of having a wedding on the beach at their villa because of beach erosion due to storms. I had suggested the beautiful historical lighthouse here in Rincon Puerto Rico as a possible site for her ceremony. All plans were set for that site and the town of Rincon was willing to help with the transporting of all her guests from the villa to the lighthouse in one of their colorful vans.

Fast forward to February 9th of this year and we find a blizzard called Nemo hits Long Island and leaves 34 “ of snow on the day the couple are planning to leave for Puerto Rico .After hours of shoveling snow trying to find their car and braving  the conditions on the roads and highways this couple arrived at  JFK airport. What a relief to find out the airport was opened and their flight to Aquadilla would leave.
The happy ending is told in one picture.

Credits: Event Planner:  Mary Gilmartin, Tastebuds,P.R. and Classic Events
               Officiant: Amos Mendez, Aquadilla
               Photographer: Julio Larregoity, Mayaquez
               Floral bouquets: Leslie La Ronga, Tropical Treasures
               Classical Guitarist at ceremony: Robert Torres, Aquadilla
               Transportation: Municipo de Rincon

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Monday, February 25, 2013

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Banana Dang Coffee Bar - Rincon Puerto Rico

OUR MISSION is to treat coffee as a culinary art and serve healthy banana smoothies in a charismatic space that cultivates environmental aspects. We pour nicely balanced espressos—lattes, cappuccinos + mochas—to healthy banana smoothies. Our coffees are from Puerto Rico. We have limited seating. 
We clean up after ourselves. We look forward to seeing you.

Banana Dang are proud supporters and members of:
SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), Coffee Kids + Surfrider Foundation

 Hours: 7am to 4pm daily. Closed Tuesdays.
 Location: Route 413 Km 4.1 Barrio Puntas (near Lazy Parrot Inn)
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tropical Destination Weddings @ Rincon Beach Resort - Rincon Puerto Rico


Dream about getting married on a secluded Caribbean beach underneath a canopy of swaying palm trees with tropical breezes and a breathtaking sunset as you take your vows... an unforgettable picturesque backdrop full of passion and romance.

Combine your wedding and honeymoon at Rincon Beach Resort surrounded by intimate friends and family - or perhaps just the two of you. Contact us now about our wedding packages.

Rincon Beach Resort  Road 115 KM 5.8, Añasco  Puerto Rico 00610
Hotel Tel. (787) 589-9000  Hotel Fax. (787) 589-9040 
Reservations Fax. (787) 589-9020    Toll Free: (866) 589-0009

Visit us at

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oceano Sea Glass in Rincon Puerto Rico

Oceano Sea Glass in Rincon Puerto Rico
Stylishly designed and passionately crafted sterling silver jewelry that captures the spirit of Puerto Rico. Featuring reclaimed, eco-friendly "gems" of locally found sea glass. Spirited of sun, sand and sea-- sure to be treasured!

Available at the Lazy Parrot Inn &

Congratulations to Oceano Sea Glass in Rincon Puerto Rico for becoming Surf, Play & Stay Rincon PR's first featured business. We will feature Rincon's outstanding businesses on our site on a rotational basis. Have a look at what they have to offer!
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Karism Design Photography of Rincon, Puerto Rico

Karism Design Photography & Design

Karism Design Photography of Rincon, Puerto Rico has a very simple goal and it is to capture the unique beauty that each of our clients has.  Whether you are tall, short, slim or curvy (...curvy has more to love, which is why I picked my love Kareem...), enhancing your beauty and confidence about yourself is our purpose.

My name is Ismael and together with my wife Kareem (...super happy about that...) we are Karism Photography.  We love the outdoors, reading, cooking, traveling and of course photography and graphic design; but above all of that, we love our families and friends.

Contact us at:  787 - 673 - 5000  or  787 - 951 - 8620 

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dream Weddings Created by All Events in Rincon Puerto Rico

All Events is Located at Rincon, Puerto Rico, the town known for their beautiful sunsets, perfect for your destination wedding. All Events is owned by Sarah Rosario, a professional event and wedding planner that will ensure that your special day is everything you've ever dreamed!! Contact All Events today to start planning your event or destination wedding: 787-556-8961 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carta Buena - Rincon Puerto Rico

Carta Buena

Picture Carta Buena in Rincon, PR serves  delicious Juices, Smoothies, Coffee & Snacks. We are not nutritionists, fitness gurus or a lifestyle brand. We don't sell cleanses or medicine. We just make delicious things that are also good for you.

Our goal is to source locally and organically. With your support, we will get there.

We use a hydraulic press to maximize the benefits of juicing. This pressing action doesn't heat or oxidize the produce. The result is a nutritionally packed, live juice that is loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals & other vital elements that tastes fresh and delicious.

We also offer a selection of healthy snacks and welcome your suggestions for other offerings...

Hours: 8am - 4pm 7 days per week
Click to see our menu in English or Spanish

Contact us at:(787) 679-2365

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