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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sandra Farms - Rincon Puerto Rico

Sandra Farms

sandra farms rincon pr
Sandra Farms is the pleasant result of lifelong dreams, hard work and an impassioned dedication to serve the finest cup of coffee. The name derives from the Spanish custom of naming properties to honor significant women, i.e.: wives, mothers and other relatives. Sandra Farms conveys togetherness and active participation of the owners and people who have supported our compelling journey.

From our first cup of handpicked Adjuntas Mountain Grown coffee in 2001, we have persevered to make Sandra Farms a viable, sustainable and contributing member of the local community while at the same time striving to improve the environment.

Sandra Farms offers coffee plantation tours for coffee lovers who want to see coffee production, coffee processing, visit the origin of their favorite coffee, and enjoy the beauty of the lush, green mountains, Puerto Rico's other treasure.  Folks can arrange tours through Rincon Vacations or call us with 24 hours notice. Any day is good if we can fit the two-hour tour in. The tour fee is $15/adult and we drink coffee on our panoramic balcony.  

Israel & Sandra Gonzalez 
Phone: 787.409.8083  Email:

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