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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Salvo Surfboard Desigs Joins Our Site! Get a New Custom Board Now!

Salvo Surfboard Design

salvo surfboard design rincon pr


Salvo Surfboard Design is a small, privately run   operation located in Rincon, Puerto Rico that specializes in providing you with professional, hand shaped custom surfboards for all your wave shredding needs!! We are here to work with you to create your ideal surfboard that would be the perfect addition to your quiver. Our mission is simple: to create a finely tuned wave ripping machine that will allow you to kill it like the madman that you are!! ultimately developing your surfing super powers taking you to the next level.

Hey! Lets face facts, Surfboards get dings no matter how well you take care of them.  Whether its cracked glass, broken fins or a smashed nose, We are here to stop your stick from splintering so you can get back in the water and catch a few more tasty tidbits.  We provide Professional ding repair at a reasonable fee with quick turnaround time. Stop by for a quote.

Phone: (203) 550-2333  Email:

For more information on Rincon, Puerto Rico

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