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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Surf, Play & Stay Rincón is honored to add El Coqui of Rincón to our site!

What is El Coquí of Rincón?
This little magazine has had several incarnations: first as a penny saver begun by UPRM professor Joan Sandoz (she called it El Chavito), then revived by visitor Kerry Sanclimenti as El Coquí of Rincón and passed to then- resident Karen Moninger who left the island to return to Kansas City, Mo. Karen sold the paper to its present owner, Rhea Maxwell. It has always been a bilingual publication.
The current El Coquí of Rincón hopes to be more than a vehicle for advertising. It is a magazine about and for the residents of Rincón which is a unique community of North Americans (full and part-time), Rincoeños (people born and raised in Rincón) and visitors to the town. It is hoped that this magazine and its sister publication Buen Provecho Rincón (a restaurant guide published once a year) can answer to the needs of Rincón’s diverse constituents.

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