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Sunday, October 9, 2011

oceangirlcollections joins our site!


Picture ELKE FONTILLO - I am an investigator by nature and have found myself interested in the many expressions of Art such as jewelry, Painting, sculpture, photography.

My jewelry making in particular is a direct response to my love for adorning.I love creating with what can be found, recycled and made into something new.
As a native Islander and Caribbean dweller, I have an inate affinity and love for the ocean, beach and caribbean life in general.

My dream is to contribuite through my hand crafted art a unique culturally rich local view of the meaning of what it is to be Caribbean- hence, my Ocean and Island Inspired Jewelry and Art Objects.  Thank you so much for considering my Jewelry ..they are unique and one of a kind...
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Surf, Play & Stay Rincon, PR

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