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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rincon Beach Resort November Special

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Texas Surfers - Welcome to Rincón!

The first step to being a surfer in Texas is admitting it (ask wavecation). While we haven’t taken a trip to Puerto Rico yet, we certainly have added this surf destination to our list of places to visit when there isn’t surf in Texas.
Considered the Surfing Jewel of the Caribbean, Rincon is a small town located on the West coast of Puerto Rico with an easy going island lifestyle and relaxed attitude (and not far from Texas). It also has something else that Texas surfers look for when taking a surf trip, consistency. We spoke to Mike Evans from Surf, Play & Stay Rincon, and he spoke with us about why there is always somewhere with surf in the region; “…due to how the wind works and interacts with the geography of Rincon. If the South or Southeast winds are blowing, then the North side surf spots can be surfed. If the North, Northeast, or East (trade) winds are blowing then the South side spots can be surfed. This geographical advantage allows Rincon to be surfed with ever wind direction but West, which almost never happens”.

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